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If the event is cancelled due to extreme weather, can I get a refund?

Sorry there are no refunds. The entry costs are kept to a bare minimum to cover the costs of the event and any funds remaining go straight to Geelong Athletics. Most events have a $20 processing fee if they allow refunds. This event costs just $10 to enter if entered before the last week.

I can no longer run, can I get a refund?

Sorry no refunds as above. BUT, if you wish to transfer your entry to another person, please contact Brett Coleman via email.

Can I run with a pram?

Sure, no problem but please be considerate of others around you, particularly on the start line.

Can I change distances after I've enetered?

Sure, no probs. Just message Brett Coleman via email.

Can bikes go on the train to the 17km start?

Yes this is definitely possible. Please allow enough time on the day to get this organised so the train is not delayed.



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