We will provide drink / food stations for runners to be able to bring food or drinks to the start that we will place out on the course at approx 6, 10, 17, 24 & 28kms for 34km runners. 17km runners will be able to utlise the aid stations at 24 & 28kms. The idea is for runners to be able to practice consuming food / liquid on the run to simulate race days. A bin will be placed about 500m up the path for you to drop your rubbish (bottles, gels, wrappers, etc) that we will collect once everyone is through.

Please drop off only disposable bottles and nothing of value as everything left over gets binned (recycled if possible).

Please write your number as displayed on the start list on any food / drink you want placed out on the course and the desired location (6, 10, 17, 24 or 28km). At the Queenscliff & Drysdale starts next to registration, there will be a drop off point (clearly marked) for each drink station. Just hand in your supplies at the appropriate location. NB, for 17km runners, drop your supplies at the 24 & 28km drop off point at either Queenscliff or Drysdale Registration.

These aid stations will be attended and there will be ventolin if required.

There will be very limited water available at the aid stations – we rely on self sufficiency using the above process. If you want to do a run where everything is provided, please look up some of the big & expensive events!!